IEA Bulletin Highlights Publications on Wind Energy Bottlenecks and Costs

IEA15 December 2012: The International Energy Agency (IEA) has released the december edition of its OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin, which highlights a study commissioned by IEA Renewable Energy Technology Deployment (IEA-RETD) on bottlenecks in global supply chains for solar and wind power, and a series of policy briefs comparing the implementation of national energy efficiency policies published by the Efficient Electrical End-Use Equipment programme (IEA-4E).

The Bulletin, which presents the latest findings and activities of the IEA Energy Technology Network, contains sections on, among other items: main highlights; new participants in IEA research and development projects; news; annual reports; and upcoming meetings.

Additional highlights include a report produced for IEA Wind on the "Past and Future Cost of Wind Energy," which includes cost projections across an array of studies and scenarios; and a collection of reports by IEA Demand-Side Management on the effect of the penetration of direct energy resources (DER) on stakeholders and the electricity system as a whole.

Other news in the bulletin covers: the best practices for communicating about renewable energy technologies under IEA-RETD; a request for proposals to study policy instruments for industrial value chain development of renewable energy technologies, also by IEA RETD; and a new small hydro international gateway website launched by the Hydro IA. [Publication: OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin] [IISD RS Story on RETD IA RE-SUPPLY Report]