IEA Briefs G8 Environment Ministers on Energy Technology’s Role in Green Growth

© IEA22 April 2009: While attending the Group of Eight industrialized countries (G8) environment ministers meeting, which is taking place from 22-23 April 2009, in Siracusa, Italy, International Energy Agency (IEA) Executive Director Nobuo Tanaka presented a paper titled “Ensuring Green Growth in a Time of Economic Crisis: The Role of Energy Technology.”

He described the most promising low-carbon technologies, their current status and the policy framework that will be necessary to achieve their widespread deployment. Tanaka also highlighted the immediate steps that can be taken as part of a Clean Energy New Deal. In his presentation, Tanaka emphasized that low-carbon technologies can play a key role in climate change mitigation, and he explained that technological progress is needed to achieve some emissions reductions but efficiency gains and deployment of existing low-carbon energy could account for most of the savings. He indicated that, to inform the international climate negotiations, the IEA will release an early excerpt of the World Energy Outlook 2009 climate change analysis, to coincide with the UNFCCC meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, scheduled to be held from 28 September-9 October 2009. [The paper] [IEA Executive Director's presentation]