IDB Releases Reports on Climate Change Research Needs in Latin America and the Caribbean

October 2010: The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) published a technical note on "Climate Change: A Research Agenda for Latin America  and the Caribbean" identifying the issues that need to be investigated for informed decision making at the national and regional levels with respect to climate change.

The report, authored by Omar Chisari and Sebastián Galiani, proposes,inter alia, to: develop guidelines for mitigation and adaptation as well as for project evaluation; identify cost-effective adaptation actions; summarize available funds' characteristics and operating rules; identify sustainable and efficient mechanisms of insurance; evaluate trade and climate change using simulation models; and develop certification and labeling initiatives.

They also recommend an evaluation of the impact of climate change actions on growth in a macroeconomic integral model, and addressing questions of: migrations; sustainable cities; trade regulations; and policies needed for adaptation to climate shocks in agriculture and to avoid deforestation and promote reforestation. [The Report]