IDB Outlines Climate Challenge of Agriculture in Latin America

IDBFebruary 2014: The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has released a discussion paper that provides an overview of the climate challenge of the agricultural sector in Latin America and the Caribbean, including the consequences of projected impacts and possible responses.

The paper, titled 'Agriculture and Future Climate in Latin America and the Caribbean: Systemic Impacts and Potential Responses,' underscores the central social and economic role of agriculture in the region. It outlines the climate change impacts on phenology, distribution of plants and animals, and ecological interactions.

The paper describes adaptation actions related to: raising awareness; revising agricultural policy; investing in collaboration between research and extension institutes; strengthening data collection and forecasting; and leveraging public and private financing. [Publication: Agriculture and Future Climate in Latin America and the Caribbean: Systematic Impacts and Potential Responses] [IDB Publication Webpage]