ICRAF Publishes Working Paper on Mainstreaming Climate Change into Agricultural Education

© ICRAFApril 2009: The World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), a research center of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), has published a working paper on challenges and perspectives for mainstreaming climate change into agricultural education. The working paper is an outcome of a symposium on climate change challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa, which sought to identify recommendations for effective policy, institutions and capacity for addressing climate change in agricultural education.

The paper presents key aspects of climate change, including impacts on livelihoods, agro-biodiversity, bioenergy production, and adaptation and mitigation strategies. The second section addresses the current status of climate change in agricultural education, starting with the dynamic relationship between educational change and societal change and followed by an assessment of shortfalls in tertiary agricultural education and the need for integrating climate change into curricula. The subsequent section looks at measures to address climate change in agricultural education, including: opportunities in the context of implementation of international agreements touching on agriculture and climate change; required institutional arrangements and activities, such as knowledge management, policy and international dialogue, national planning and financing, and local-level implementation; issue areas to be integrated into curricula; and an action plan linking recommended actions with responsible actors. The paper concludes that present educational institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa are ill equipped to address climate change challenges facing the continent and urges streamlining the outlined activities into general educational activities. [ICRAF working paper]