ICRAF Partners for Agroforestry in Africa and Asia

World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)14 May 2014: The World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) has announced a national partnership in Indonesia and a regional partnership in Africa. The partnerships aim to, respectively, provide farmers and communities with access to ICRAF research and support the implementation of climate-smart agriculture. 

In Indonesia, the partnership is a collaborative agreement with three Indonesian-based agroforestry organizations: Indonesian Society of Agroforestry (MAFI); the National Centre for Agroforestry (BPTA); and the Indonesian Network for Agroforestry Education (INAFE). The agreement intends to provide a framework for the dissemination of research produced by ICRAF, including through a National Agroforestry Week to be held in Indonesia, tentatively in November.

In Africa, ICRAF has partnered with the African Union (AU) New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) to promote climate-smart agriculture practices. The partnership will support the region in achieving a projected increase in food production of 60-100% by 2050, within a changing climate. Initially under the under the agreement, partners will develop a roadmap for coordination that includes a strategy for funding and implementation. [ICRAF Press Release on Indonesia Partnership] [ICRAF Press Release on NEPAD Partnership]