Icelandic Singer Björk Endorsees “CoolPlanet2009” Initiative

Icelandic singer Björk 19 November 2008: The Icelandic singer Björk endorsed

“CoolPlanet2009,” an initiative recently announced by the UN Regional

Information Centre (UNRIC) for Western Europe that aims to raise public

awareness on the impacts of global warming and to mobilize support for new

commitments under climate change agreement, once the Kyoto Protocol's first

commitment period ends in 2012.

Björk underlined that the financial crisis

should not serve as an excuse to curtail action to limit greenhouse gas

emissions, and expressed the hope that her country would “would skip the

industrial revolution” and proceed directly to “sustainable high-tech options.”

CoolPlanet2009 will launch a website early next year to allow individuals

across Europe to post ideas. [UN

Press Release]