ICAO Written Submission to UNFCCC AWG-LCA 3 Outlines Possible Measures to Reduce Emissions from Aviation

August 2008: The International Civil Aviation Organization

(ICAO) has made a written submission to the third Session of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Long-term

Cooperative Action under the Convention (AWG-LCA), which is taking place in

Accra, Ghana, from 21-27 August 2008. The submission includes a presentation of

ICAO's past and current work in reducing emissions from aircrafts and the

current international legal regime.

It contains a summary of 36th Session of

the ICAO Assembly, which was held in September 2007, when a plan of action was

adopted comprising, inter alia: the

development of policy options to limit or reduce the environmental impact of

aircraft engine emissions and the provision of advice to the UNFCCC Conference

of the Parties on technical solutions and market-based measures; and the

formation of the Group on International Aviation and Climate Change (GIACC) in

January 2008 to develop and recommend to ICAO a Programme of Action on

International Aviation and Climate Change.

It then highlights future work in

the field of environmental protection, such as market-based measures, the ICAO

Carbon Calculator, and cooperation with other UN agencies. The ICAO concludes

by stressing the need to define a clear baseline, an objective and timelines to

calculate emissions reductions, and for timely data on the current and future

growth prospects of aviation emissions.

ICAO also states that a global

framework encompassing a basket of measures of a technological, operational and

market-based nature will be required to effectively reduce emissions from

aviation, and that these measures are being considered by the GIACC and will be

part of the Programme of Action to be presented to the climate conference in

Copenhagen in 2009. [The Submission]