ICAO Workshop on Aviation and Carbon Markets Documents Now Available

ICAO Workshop on Aviation and Carbon Markets 16

July 2008: The documentation from the workshop on aviation and carbon markets,

organized by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on 18-19 June

2008, at ICAO Headquarters, Montreal, Canada, have been released.


workshop addressed issues related to aviation emissions and carbon markets,

including assessing aviation emissions; emissions trading schemes; creating

global schemes; and broad discussion of the pros and cons of market initiatives

for aviation emissions and the opportunities for a global aviation carbon

market. In particular, participants addressed and raised issues such as:

non-carbon multipliers and how to develop flight-dependent multipliers; improvement

of aviation emissions data and estimations; linkages between carbon trading

schemes; growth rates of aviation vs. other transport sectors; carbon offsets;

linking with the Clean Development Mechanism; global versus national and

regional schemes; implications of fuel cost increases for carbon emissions; and

considerations on levying aviation to fund proposed climate change funds. [Meeting website]