ICAO Symposium Discusses National Action Plans on Emissions from Aviation

Icao12 June 2013: The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Symposium on Aviation and Climate Change, 'Destination Green,' aimed to foster a dialogue amongst participants on environment and aviation matters. The event brought together 233 participants from 62 member States and 23 international organizations.

The Symposium was held from 14-16 May 2013, at ICAO headquarters in Montréal, Canada. In addition, the Symposium sought to ensure that Member States could review and discuss relevant issues in preparation for the 38th session of the ICAO Assembly in September 2013, where delegates will agree on the policies and practices to guide the work of ICAO on environmental protection, including aviation and climate change.

Brice Lalonde, Special Advisor on Sustainable Development to the UN Global Compact, delivered the keynote address, and Kerryn Macaulay, Representative of Australia on the Council of ICAO, was the moderator. Following the keynote address and opening session, participants addressed the following themes: aviation and the environment; aircraft noise; technology and operations; market-based measures; sustainable alternative fuels for aviation; cooperation with other organizations; States' action plans; and financing and assistance. During the session on States' action plans, the following member States presented on the measures taken to address carbon dioxide emissions from international civil aviation: Australia, Canada, China, Korea, Turkey, and Venezuela. 

At the end of the Symposium, a round table consisting of States representatives was organized to discuss the next steps, potential challenges, and new opportunities for aviation and environment.

In addition to the Symposium, a Seminar on States' Action Plans was organized on 13 May 2013 and was attended by 76 participants, including national action plan focal points. [ICAO Climate Symposium Website] [Opening Address by ICAO President] [IISD RS Sources]