ICAO Holds Colloquium on Aviation and Climate Change

14 May 2010: The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) held a Colloquium on Aviation and Climate Change from 11-14 May 2010, at ICAO headquarters in Montreal, Canada.

The Colloquium provided an opportunity for stakeholders to share information on aviation and climate change with a focus on strategies and programmes of ICAO, industry, academic/research institutions and international organizations to harness technological, scientific and economic solutions in addressing climate change. In his closing address, Roberto González, President of the Council, urged agreement "on an ICAO policy on aviation and climate change that sets out immediate concrete steps that can be used in the short term but that will also be far reaching, forward looking, tangible and sustainable in the future.”

González noted that the Colloquium on Aviation and Climate Change served as an important knowledge sharing opportunity and constituted a sound basis for environmental discussions at the ICAO Assembly, which will convene from 28 September-8 October 2010. He shared his enthusiasm that the work done at the Colloquium would play an important role in shaping discussions on improving the air transport industry's efficiency and sustainability. [González's statement] [Colloquium Website]