ICAO Environmental Committee Agrees on New Aircraft Carbon Dioxide Standard

14 February 2013: The Committee on Aviation and Environmental Protection (CAEP) of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) convened from 4-15 February 2013, reaching agreement on certification procedures supporting a new carbon dioxide aircraft standard, as well as a new global noise standard.

The new carbon dioxide certification procedure follows the July 2012 CAEP agreement to work towards a new metric system to characterize carbon dioxide emissions from different aircraft, and to underpin a worldwide Aircraft Carbon Dioxide Emissions Standard. Commenting on the meeting outcome, ICAO Council President Roberto Kobeh González said “we are now looking to the CAEP's wide cross-section of air transport experts to get to work on the last agreements needed to realize the aircraft carbon dioxide standard, namely its stringency and scope of applicability.”

In addition to its new certification procedures to support a new carbon dioxide aircraft standard, CAEP also agreed on a new noise standard of 7EPNdB (Effective Perceived Noise in Decibels) below its current standard for new-design aircraft entering into service from 2017 and from 2020 for lower weight aircraft.

The CAEP was established in 1983 to oversee environmental activities within ICAO, and provide assistance towards formulating new policies and adopting new standards on aircraft noise and engine emissions. [ICAO Press Release] [ICAO Committee on Aviation and Environmental Protection Background] [ICAO Fact Sheet: Aircraft CO2 Emissions Standard Metric System]