ICAO Commits to Develop a Carbon Dioxide Standard for Commercial Aircraft

19 February 2010:  The International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection's (CAEP) met at ICAO headquarters from 1-12 February 2010, in Montreal, Canada, and announced the ICAO's commitment to the development of a carbon dioxide standard for commercial aircraft by 2013. This effort would result in the first global fuel-efficiency standard for any industry sector.

The CAEP produced a timetable for the standard's introduction that includes clear targets and timeframes for manufacturers to carry out the necessary improvements in aircraft and engine designs. The Committee also agreed on: a 2% annual improvement in fuel efficiency globally until 2050; a framework for market-based measures in international aviation; measures to assist developing countries and to facilitate access to financial resources, technology transfer and capacity building; and the development and implementation of alternative fuels for aviation worldwide.

In addition, the CAEP recommended nitrogen oxides emissions standards up to 15% more stringent than current levels, and the publication of reports on: voluntary emissions trading schemes; the linking of emissions trading schemes; and aviation emissions offsetting. [ICAO Press Release]