IAEA to Compare Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) with Nuclear Waste Storage

Researching ways of securing radioactive waste. Experiments to find solutions to dispose of high-level radioactive waste are conducted at the Grimsel Underground Rock Laboratory in Switzerland (Photo: Comet)16 July 2008: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has embarked on a

multi-year study to conduct a comparative analysis of storage of nuclear waste

and storage of carbon dioxide (CO2).

The project will examine the advantages and drawbacks

of both approaches to dealing with the by-products of power generation. The

study will examine various aspects of the geological storage of both nuclear

waste and CO2, including characteristics, requirements, transport and their

physical storage. The research will also look at the environmental impact of

storing the two waste products underground, the transport options available for

both, and the potential hazards to human health. The study is also expected to identify

lessons that the two storage options can garner from one another. [IAEA News Release]