High Level Meeting on Asia-Pacific Region’s Food, Energy and Financial Crises and Climate Change Recommends Urgent Comprehensive and Coordinated Action

ESCAP's Executive Secretary, UN Under-Secretary-General Noeleen Heyzer 10 December 2008: The High-level Regional Policy Dialogue on “The Food-Fuel Crisis and Climate Change – Reshaping the Development Agenda,” jointly organized by the Government of Indonesia and the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), convened from 9-10 December 2008, in Bali, Indonesia. The meeting recommended urgent, comprehensive and coordinated action to deal with the food, energy and financial crises, and climate change in the region.

The recommendations are contained in the “Bali Outcome Document,” which

will be used to provide a framework for regional action in handling the

triple crises. ESCAP's Executive Secretary, UN Under-Secretary-General

Noeleen Heyzer, said she would take the Bali Outcome Document to

ESCAP's Heads of State and governments, and to all global and regional

initiatives that tackle the crises and climate change. The document

will also be used to inform various inter-governmental regional

processes, including the ASEAN-UN Summit in March 2009, and the

ministerial discussions scheduled to be held during ESCAP's 65th

Commission Session in April 2009.

The Bali Outcome Document includes a range of regional recommendations

and actionable initiatives for addressing food, energy and financial

security in the context of climate change, in an effort to mitigate the

convergence of the crises. In relation to food and energy security, the

participants' recommendations included the need to strengthen the

region's food security via a comprehensive framework encompassing

sustainable agriculture and forestry, climate change adaptation and

mitigation, social protection and well-functioning markets.

Participants also urged ESCAP to strengthen and expand technical

cooperation for reinforcing national food security programmes,

undertake initiatives for preventing and reacting to crises caused by

price volatility, and develop and implement a sustainable energy

security framework for Asia and the Pacific. [UN Press Release] [Bali Outcome Document]