Global Soil Partnership for Food Security and Climate Change Outlines Mission

30 September 2011: The Global Soil Partnership (GSP) for Food Security and Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, which was launched in early September 2011, has released a brochure describing the need for the GSP, its mission and strategic objectives and pillars. The document describes how increasing land degradation, climate change, and socioeconomic trends and demands are placing severe strain on soil, a non-renewable resource.

In response, the GSP's mission is to build capacities and forums for exchanging knowledge and technologies of sustainable management of soil resources. It plans to propose national and international quality-soil health best practices, standards, guidelines and monitoring systems. The Partnership will explore opportunities for carbon credits and green water credits. The GSP will address the following five pillars of action: harmonizing guidelines and standards for measurement; strengthening soil data and information; promoting targeted soil research focusing on gaps and priorities; promoting sustainable management of soil research and improved global governance; and encouraging investment and technical cooperation in soils.

The GSP Secretariat resides at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO). [GSP Website] [GSP Brochure]