Global Network of Basins Concludes First Meeting on Climate Adaptation

21 February 2013: The first meeting of the Global Network of Basins on climate change adaptation was organized by the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO).

The meeting, held from 20-21 February 2013, in Geneva, Switzerland, marked the transformation of the programme of pilot projects, implemented by UNECE and partners since 2010, into a global network of basins working on climate change adaptation in the transboundary context, that will be coordinated by UNECE and INBO in cooperation with partners.

It brought together participants from 16 transboundary basins including: the Amur/Argun/International Dauria Protected Area; the Chu Talas; the Congo; the Danube; the Dniester; the Drin; the Meuse; the Mekong; the Neman; the Niger; the Rhine; the Sava; the Senegal; the Tonle Sap; the Upper Paraguay; and the Northern Sahara aquifer system.

Participants discussed case studies in the development of adaptation plans and strategies, including: the adoption of a transboundary adaptation strategy in the Danube River basin; a pilot project on climate change adaptation and river basin management in the Neman River basin; and joint management of the Senegal River basin.

The meeting called for expansion of the Global Network of Basins to cover a larger proportion of transboundary river basins worldwide and highlighted the potential for transboundary cooperation to address adaptation to climate change. [Publication: UNECE Weekly Volume 518] [Meeting Website]