Global Legislators Organization Sets Priorities for National Climate Laws

© GLOBE26 October 2009: National legislators from developed and developing countries agreed on key guiding principles for domestic climate change legislation during a Forum organized by GLOBE (Global Legislators Organization) and the Danish Government on 24-25 October 2009, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The guiding principles identify the following priority components for domestic legislation on climate change: energy efficiency standards (in industry, buildings and appliances); vehicle fuel and efficiency standards; support for renewable and low-carbon energy generation; support for ‘smart grid' connectivity; measures to promote reduced deforestation, afforestation, sustainable agriculture, forest management and biodiversity protection; incentives for investment in clean technology and low-carbon infrastructure; support for research, development and use of technologies to reduce emissions such as carbon capture and storage, sustainable biofuels, and electric vehicle technology; and measures supporting adaptation.

Legislators also focused on international measures related to forests, advocating for the development of: a forest carbon mechanism for reduced deforestation, forest conservation and reforestation under the post-2012 international agreement; the incorporation of agriculture and other land uses before 2020; a finance mechanism combining market-based and public funding approaches; and the establishment of an independent international monitoring, reporting and verification authority. [GLOBE international press release] [GLOBE international press release] [Report of the GLOBE International Commission on Climate and Energy Security (guiding principles)] [Forest policy proposals]