Global Compact Leaders’ Summit Adopts New York Declaration by Business

25 June 2010: The third Global Compact Leaders' Summit took place from 24-25 June 2010, in New York, US, and brought together over 1,200 corporate executives, government representatives, civil society leaders and other participants who committed to step up their efforts to build a sustainable and inclusive global economy.

The Summit concluded with the adoption of the New York Declaration by Business, in which Global Compact leaders express their commitment to making the global economy more sustainable and inclusive through implementation of responsible practices. Noting that "market success and political leadership go hand in hand," they express their willingness to do their part and call on governments to, inter alia: set goals and incentives to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; strengthen climate resilience; and support a clean energy pathway globally, and especially in developing countries.

Following the final closed-door round table discussion on “Achieving Development,” the Summit held a brief “sustainability event” that featured presentations by Dennis Nally, Global Chairman, PricewaterhouseCoopers, who announced a global initiative to tackle climate change. [UN Press Release] [Global Compact Press Release] [The Declaration] [Global Compact Leaders' Summit Website]