Global Compact Bulletin Highlights Private Sector Solutions in Post-2015

February 2013: The latest issue of the UN Global Compact Bulletin highlights the completion of the pilot phase of Global Compact LEAD, which was launched in 2011. Private sector executives met with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum (WEF), to mark the next phase of the corporate sustainability leadership platform. 

The meeting aimed to help place corporate sustainability and private sector-led solutions at the center of the post-2015 development agenda.

The Bulletin also notes a new collaboration between the Nobel Sustainability Trust and UN Global Compact, which will include projects in alternative and renewable energy, and social enterprise. The Trust also will support Caring for Climate, the world's largest climate action platform for business, in its efforts to develop a global action hub on climate and energy. In return, the UN Global Compact will support the portfolio of the Nobel Sustainability Trust, which seeks to encourage the research and practice of sustainable and renewable energy. [Publication: UN Global Compact Bulletin, February 2013] [Nobel Sustainability Trust Press Release] [Statement of UN Secretary-General at LEAD Event] [LEAD Meeting Agenda]