GGKP Announces Green Growth Publications

green-growth-plataform1 July 2014: The Green Growth Best Practices Initiative (GGBP) has published the first comprehensive global assessment of lessons and good practices in green growth planning, as highlighted in the Global Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP) Knowledge Update. The assessment report, titled 'Green Growth in Practice: Lessons from Country Experiences,' consists of evaluations of green growth programs around the world, and was written by 75 authors engaged by the GGBP initiative.

The report discusses nine elements used by governments in green growth planning, analysis and implementation: planning and co-ordination; establishing vision, baselines and targets; assessing and communicating benefits of green growth; prioritization of green growth options and pathways; policy design and implementation; mobilizing investment; public-private collaboration; integrating sub-national action; and monitoring and evaluation. The report also: showcases examples of green growth leadership; demonstrates the benefits realized by governments through green growth implementation; identifies key challenges and limitations; and provides guidance.

The publication is highlighted in the July issue of the GGKP 'Knowledge Update,' which also outlines additional publications, research, studies and upcoming GGKP events. Also highlighted in the Update, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released ‘Green Growth Indicators 2014,' which presents OECD's framework for monitoring progress towards green growth, including six updated headline indicators. The indicators are based on four objectives: establishing a low-carbon, resource-efficient economy; maintaining the natural asset base; improving quality of life; and implementing appropriate policy measures and realizing green growth economic opportunities.

Other highlighted publications include two UN Environment Programme (UNEP) publications: ‘Aligning the Financial System with Sustainable Development;' and ‘South-South Trade in Renewable Energy: A trade flow analysis of selected environmental goods.' In addition, the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and the Viet Nam National Mekong Committee published ‘Unleashing Green Growth in the Mekong Delta,' which evaluates green growth options in the region. World Bank and ClimateWorks Foundation published ‘Climate-Smart Development: Adding up the benefits of actions that help build prosperity, end poverty and combat climate change,' which uses case studies from Brazil, China, the EU, India, Mexico and the US to analyze the effect of incentives, regulations and taxes on shifts to clean transport and energy efficiency. [GGKP Press Release] [GGKP Newsletters] [Publication: Green Growth in Practice: Lessons from Country Experiences] [Publication: Green Growth Indicators] [Publication: Unleashing Green Growth in the Mekong Delta] [Publication: Climate-Smart Development: Adding up the benefits of actions that help build prosperity, end poverty and combat climate change] [Knowledge Update, July 2014]