GEO-Carbon Conference Considers Best Practices for Monitoring Carbon Fluxes

FAO27 October 2011: The GEO-Carbon Conference, titled "Carbon in a Changing World," aimed to present scientific progress and identify gaps in obtaining policy-relevant estimates of regional carbon budgets on land and ocean. The event also focused on the building and implementation of a Global Carbon Observing System for land, oceans and atmosphere.

The Conference took place from 24-26 October 2011, at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) headquarters in Rome, Italy. The first day focused on progress in observation techniques and methodologies, while the second day addressed progress in data model fusion, including verification requirements in a post-Cancun UNFCCC environment. On the final day, participants discussed interfacing carbon cycle knowledge with society, needs, uncertainties and challenges. Over 300 participants registered for the meeting. [GEO-Carbon Conference]