GEF/UNDP/WHO Project on Climate Change Adaptation and Health Holds First Meeting

WHO7 June 2012: The Project Board of the Global Pilot Project on Climate Change Adaptation to Protect Human Health carried out by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the UN Development Programme (UNDP) and the World Health Organization (WHO) held its first meeting of national project managers.

The meeting took place from 18-19 May 2012, in Bonn, Germany, was hosted by WHO-EURO, and coincided with the UNFCCC Climate Change Conference held at the same venue. It brought together representatives from the seven countries where the pilot is being implemented, namely Barbados, Bhutan, China, Fiji, Jordan, Kenya and Uzbekistan.

The meeting allowed countries to share experiences and progress in the main themes of the project, namely: early warning systems related to climate-sensitive diseases; capacity development of national health systems to increase resilience to climate change; and planning pilot interventions to deal with priority risks. The project's future priorities are to build on the reinforced momentum and partnerships within the project, promote sustainability of the project activities within national systems, and scale up from pilot to full programmatic scales. [Pilot Project on Health Adaptation to Climate Change Website] [IISD RS Sources]