GEF Workshop Assesses Best Practices in Evaluating Climate Change and Development Projects

Alexandrina13 May 2008: The Global Environment Facility's (GEF) Evaluation Office organized an international workshop on Evaluating Climate Change and Development, from 10-13 May 2008, in Alexandria, Egypt. Participants shared experiences in evaluating projects and programmes aimed at the nexus between climate change and development, paying special attention to convergence in findings throughout the GEF's Implementation Agencies.

Photo: Bibliotheca Alexandrina, site of the 2008 International Workshop on Evaluating Cliimate Change and Development.

The workshop, which was convened with the objective of realizing the potential of evaluations to contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation, agreed on a number of conclusions, namely the need to: capitalize on best practices in evaluating mitigation of climate change; develop a community of practice, supported by the global and regional evaluation associations; and create a repository of knowledge, building on the results of this meeting, including all documents gathered before the Conference and the speeches, presentations and papers discussed there, as well as forthcoming evaluations and studies. Participants agreed that such a repository of knowledge and the community of practice will ensure that best practices and results are communicated to practitioners, governments and the global community involved in climate change action.

International Workshop on Evaluating Climate Change and Development