GEF STAP Addresses Needs for Scientific and Technical Advice Arising from the Copenhagen Accord

8 March 2010: The Global Environment Facility's Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (GEF STAP) held an open meeting at the International Fund for Agricultural Development's (IFAD) headquarters in Rome, Italy, with representatives from GEF agencies, the GEF Secretariat, GEF Evaluation Office and Conventions, and observers from the GEF Council.

The meeting discussed: STAP's work programme; advisory products including their use and expected impacts; collaborative work towards a GEF Knowledge Management strategy; a revised monitoring and evaluation policy; and options for scientific advice on climate change adaptation. On the STAP's work programme, participants addressed GEF priorities for strategic scientific and technical advice from STAP, including those arising from the Copenhagen Accord. The meeting agreed that STAP's advice should be organized into toolkits to be used by the GEF and made available to contracting parties to the conventions supported by the GEF to increase transparency regarding the GEF project cycle. The GEF STAP will continue to meet in closed session on 9-10 March at the same venue. [Meeting Agenda] [IISD RS Sources]