GEF SGP Supports Renewable Energy Projects in Industrial Region of Ukraine

31 October 2012:  The Global Environment Facility's Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP) has conceded US$149,415 for the development of three projects to combat climate change in Ukraine. Implemented by the UN Development Programme (UNDP), this funding has the potential to affect 1,200 people in the Teplychne community, GEF SGP notes.

Focused on three projects - "Solar energy use for electricity production," "Community awareness raising on energy efficiency in public buildings; implementing energy saving measures in Oleksandrivsk" and "Renewable solar energy for water heating" - the funding will go primarily to the industrial region of Lugansk. The initiative aims to assist local authorities in streamlining renewable energy and energy efficiency practices in public buildings.

In addition to the funding from GEF SGP, local stakeholders are co-funding the projects with US$165,250. A kindergarten has piloted a project including installation of energy efficient windows, solar water heaters and heating systems, resulting in a model for making construction norms and standards sustainable. The three projects have reported other tangible benefits to date, including the installation of 33 energy-saving windows, energy efficient solar collectors for electricity generation and water heating to reduce 80,000 tons of CO2-equivalent annually.

The projects are intended to become a platform for knowledge dissemination about how to reduce energy consumption. [GEF SGP Press Release]