GEF Replenishment Meeting Addresses Climate Change Programming Strategy

© GEF16 July 2009: The Global Environment Facility's (GEF) second meeting for the fifth replenishment of resources (GEF 5) addressed several issues that will guide GEF 5, including a strategy to enhance engagement with the private sector, a corporate programmes strategy, and a results-based management framework.

Participants expressed a preference for the adaptation to climate change programming strategy to remain subject to voluntary funding and distinct from the GEF replenishment. The meeting, which took place in Washington DC, US, from 25-26 June 2009, also agreed that the proposed strategies for focal areas for the GEF 5 replenishment are broadly appropriate and encouraged a more country-focused and programmatic approach, welcoming the idea of GEF-specific national business plans.

Participants agreed in principle that two NGO representatives, selected by the GEF NGO Network and representing a recipient country and a non-recipient country, would be invited to replenishment meetings as observers. Contributing participants also agreed to consider a proposal for the participation of non-donor recipient country representatives in the replenishment meetings. The next GEF 5 replenishment meeting is scheduled for October 2009. [Meeting summary]