GEF Launches Review of its Effectiveness

GEF19 June 2012: The Global Environment Facility (GEF) Evaluation Office has launched a book titled "The Journey to Rio: Gathering Evidence on Expectations for the GEF." Under the e-book format, the review evaluates to what extent the GEF has met the expectations expressed on the eve of the Earth Summit in 1992. 

The book was launched on the sidelines to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD or Rio+20). The e-book uses overall performance studies (OPSs) of the GEF Evaluation Office to examine the GEF response to the 1992 Earth Summit expectations.

It is organized around nine expectations from Rio, as follows: provide additional funding; address national priorities; respond to and support conventions; enhance international cooperation; mainstream sustainable development within a new green economic order; be given adequate funds to manage; contribute to global environmental benefits; engage non-governmental organizations (NGOs); and foster innovation.

The review, which relies mostly on qualitative methodologies, shows that, despite difficulties, the GEF has made progress towards achieving expectations on which it was created. It also recognizes that the GEF has to be adequately funded and stakeholders must work together to protect the environment. [Publication: The Journey to Rio: Gathering Evidence on Expectations for the GEF] [GEF Press Release]