GEF Approves US$61.1 Million Work Programme for Climate Change

26 June 2009: The Global Environment Facility (GEF) Council, which met from 22-24 June 2009, in Washington DC, US, approved a work programme including 20 projects within the climate change focal area, mostly related to energy efficiency, assigning US$61.1 million in GEF grants in 23 countries.

The projects approved include:

Energy Efficiency:

• Integrated Approach for Zero Emission Project Development in the New Town of Boughzoul, Algeria (US$8.2 million, UN Environment Programme (UNEP));

• Market Transformation through Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling of Appliances in South Africa (US$6 million, UN Development Programme (UNDP));

• Improving Energy Efficiency and Promoting Renewable Energy in the Agro-Food and other Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Ukraine (US$5.1 million, UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO));

• Energy Efficient Design and Construction in Residential Sector in Kazakhstan (US$4.5 million, UNDP);

• Improving the Energy Efficiency of Lighting and Building Appliances in Egypt (US$4.4 million, UNDP);

• Industrial Energy Efficiency for Malaysian Manufacturing Sector (US$4.2 million, UNIDO);

• Promoting Energy Efficiency in Buildings in Eastern Africa (US$2.8 million, UNEP regional project in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda);

• Promoting Energy Efficiency in Residential and Public Sector in Nigeria (US$2.6 million, UNDP);

• Energy Efficiency Standards and Labels in Colombia (US$2.5 million, UNDP);

• Clean Production and Energy Efficiency Project in Viet Nam (US$2.3 million, World Bank);

• Energy Efficiency Standards and Labels in Peru (US$2 million, UNDP);

• Promoting of Appliance Energy Efficiency and Transformation of the Refrigerating Appliances Market in Ghana (US$1.7 million, UNDP);

• Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Improved Energy Efficiency in the Industrial Sector in Cambodia (US$1.2 million, UNIDO);

• Improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings in Armenia (US$1 million, UNDP);

Renewable Energy:

• Mini-grids based on Renewable Energy Sources to Augment Rural Electrification in Nigeria (US$2.6 million, UNIDO);

• Promoting Renewable Energy Based Mini-Grids for Rural Electrification and Productive Uses in Chad (US$1.7 million, UNIDO);

• Promoting Renewable Energy Based Mini-Grids for Productive Uses in Rural Areas in The Gambia (US$1.7 million, UNIDO);

• Installation of Multi-purpose Mini-hydro Infrastructure in Liberia (US$1.7 million, UNIDO);

• Promoting Mini-Grids Based on Small Hydropower for Productive Uses in Sierra Leone (US$1.7 million, UNIDO);

National Communications:

• Third National Communication to the UNFCCC in Argentina (US$2.4 million, World Bank).

[Joint summary of the Chairs]