GCCA Releases Climate Change Training Module for OCT Countries

5 April 2012: The Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA) has released the training module used in a recent overseas countries and territories (OCTs) workshop on mainstreaming climate change into national development planning and budgeting.

The OCT Workshop, which took place from 27-28 January 2012, in Brussels, Belgium, was one of a series. A first workshop was held in Vanuatu in the Pacific in February-March 2011, another session took place in Maseru, Lesotho, in October 2011, and two sessions took place in Nairobi, Kenya (one in French and one in English) in November 2011. The last workshop in 2011 took place in Dakar, Senegal, in December. The workshop for Asia took place in Bangkok, Thailand, in March 2012, and one will take place in Kingston, Jamaica, in April 2012 for the Caribbean. The workshops have targeted government officials and managers from least developed countries (LDCs) and small island developing States (SIDS).

The training materials provided by the GCCA include modules on: understanding climate change development linkages; mainstreaming climate change and strengthening institutions and capacities; climate change science; planning under uncertainty; costing, assessing and selecting adaptation and mitigation options and measures; and mainstreaming climate change in the budgetary process and in monitoring systems.

The Global Climate Change Alliance between the EU and poor developing countries most vulnerable to climate change, in particular the LDCs and SIDS, aims to provide a platform for dialogue and exchange, as well as practical cooperation to tackle the combined challenges of the fight against poverty and climate change, in support of the international negotiations on a post-2012 climate change agreement and the adoption of effective action at national level. [GCCA OCT Workshop Training Modules]