G8 Foreign Ministers Recognize Climate Change as a Security Threat

12 April 2012: The G8 Foreign Ministers, in a meeting leading up to the May 2012 meeting of the G8, addressed the issue of climate change and security, among other pressing international issues. In the issuing Chair's Statement, Ministers recognize climate change as a factor in increasing global security risks and underscore the intention of G8 member States to continue actions domestically and multilaterally to tackle climate change.

The G8 Foreign Ministers met from 11-12 April 2012, in Washington, DC, US. In the Statement, the G8 member States calls attention to UN Security Council Presidential Statement 2011/15, which articulated the concern that “adverse effects of climate change may […] aggravate certain existing threats to international peace and security.” In order to limit the security threats posed by climate change, the G8 notes that climate policy and sustainable development should be “mutually reinforcing” and supports the agreement by parties to the UNFCCC to launch the negotiations on a new climate agreement “applicable to all Parties.” [G8 Foreign Ministers Meeting Chair's Statement]