G8 Environment Ministers Forward Conclusions to G8 Summit

© G8 Summit 200924 April 2009: In the framework of the G8 Italian Presidency, the G8 Environment Ministerial Meeting convened on 22-24 April 2009, in Siracusa, Italy. The meeting was attended by the G8 Environment Ministers and the European Commission, as well as Environment Ministers and senior officials from Brazil, China, India, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, Egypt, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, the Czech Republic on behalf of the European Union (EU), Sweden as the next President of the EU, and Denmark as host of the December 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference.

Participants discussed the development and deployment of low carbon technologies in the context of the current financial and economic crises, and actions to address climate change and biodiversity. Ministers also participated in a Round Table on “Communication and Climate Change – Development Challenges and Opportunities,” which was organized jointly by Italy's Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea and the World Bank. During this Round Table, the global media assistance organization Internews announced the creation of the Earth Journalism Awards for climate change reporting.

Among the Chair's conclusions, to be submitted to the next G8 Summit, are the need: for recovery and stimulus packages to include public spending and investments in more efficient production and use of energy, as well as in low carbon technologies, to address economic development and emissions reduction; and to urgently address climate change and agree on a post-2012 regime in Copenhagen covering all the elements of the Bali Action Plan. In this respect, the Chair will note the importance of increasing “mutual confidence,” and being proactive to avoid remaining locked in waiting others' first move. [G8 Environment Ministers Summit] [Chair's summary]