G20 Leaders Back IEA Report on Clean Energy Deployment

10 November 2011: A new report, titled “G-20 Clean Energy, and Energy Efficiency Deployment and Policy Progress,” prepared by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in collaboration with the G20 Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Working Group, has received the endorsement of world leaders who met from 3-4 November 2011, at the G20 meeting in Cannes, France.

The report provides an overview of policies in G20 countries on: energy efficiency; renewable power; nuclear power; renewable heating and cooling; carbon capture and storage (CCS); and transport. Its main findings include that: deployment of clean energy technologies is increasing rapidly; energy efficiency policy implementation is improving; and governments are starting to set goals to support markets for advanced vehicles. However, despite this progress, it underscores that the world remains largely dependent on fossil fuels.

Noting that G20 countries represent approximately 80% of global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, the report underlines that continued development and deployment of energy efficiency and clean energy technologies within the G20 represents “a unique opportunity to make collective progress in transitioning the global energy system.” [IEA Press Release] [Publication: G-20 Clean Energy, and Energy Efficiency Deployment and Policy Progress]