Forest Trends Releases ‘State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2014′

Sharing the Stage28 May 2014: Forest Trends' Ecosystem Marketplace has released its 2014 round-up of where voluntary carbon markets stand globally. The report, titled 'Sharing the Stage: State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2014,' finds that while US$379 million were invested in carbon offsets in 2013, this total fell short of 2012 levels by 26.7%, or US$144 million. However, according to Forest Trends, many of these tons were still transacted, but under compliance regimes, rather than voluntarily.

According to the report, 90% of 2013 offset purchases came from companies that have purchased offsets in the past. Corporations such as Chevrolet, Marks & Spencer and Allianz bought enough offsets to avoid/sequester 76 million tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Offsets were derived from a range of environmental projects, from wind energy to avoided deforestation to clean cookstoves. The average price per ton dropped by 16% over 2012 to US$4.90.

European organizations were the largest source of voluntary buyers, which purchased 28 million tons of carbon offsets in 2013. This total was 36% short of the 2012 figure, a drop that was attributed to slow economic recovery and a pessimistic outlook for Europe's regulatory carbon market. Projects that prevented deforestation (REDD+) were the largest source of offsets, with 22.6 million tons sold (compared to 8.6 million tons in 2012). These transactions represented a record for forest conservation projects, driven by an agreement between the German development bank KfW and the Brazilian State of Acre.

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