Fifth European Union (EU) / Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Summit Addresses Climate Change

Logo_cumbre18 May 2008: The Fifth European Union (EU) / Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Summit took place in Lima, Peru, from 16-17 May 2008. The Summit developed the “Lima Declaration on Addressing our Peoples' Priorities Together,” which addresses, among others, poverty, inequality, inclusion, climate change, environment and energy.

On climate change, the Declaration expresses determination to reach a conclusion on a global, comprehensive and agreed outcome under the Bali Action Plan no later than 2009, and to conclude, in the same timeframe, an ambitious and global agreement for the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol post-2012. The Declaration underscores the importance of the Special Climate Change Fund and the Least Developed Countries (LDC) Fund for adaptation and sustainable development, particularly in LDC and small island developing States. The EU-LAC countries also commit to: work together to exchange experiences and strengthen institutional capacities and networks; pursue efforts to enhance the Clean Development Mechanism; foster policies and programmes in collaboration with the private sector and other relevant actors; promote investments in environmentally friendly and climate resilient production; and enhance awareness, preparedness, prevention of and attention to natural disasters through climate, geological, and hydrological research and monitoring. [Summit website]