FAO/IAEA Highlight Role of Nuclear Technology in Developing Climate-Resilient Crops

New Plant Varieties Developed to Thrive Despite Climate Change 19 October 2008: On World Food Day, celebrated on 18

October, the Joint UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)/International

Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Division of Nuclear techniques in Food and

Agriculture (NAFA) highlighted the role of nuclear technology in developing new

crop varieties that can withstand climate-induced external stress, such as

drought, and thereby contributing to achieving sustainable food security.


Joint FAO/IAEA Division assists FAO and IAEA member States in the

implementation of plant breeding programmes using radiation-induced mutation

and efficiency-enhancing biotechnologies. Its objective is to enhance food

security through sustainable crop production using strategic fundamental and

applied crop science research, technology transfer, capacity building, policy

advice, and information management. [IAEA Press

Release] [NAFA Website]