FAO to Scale-up Acacia Project to Combat Climate Change and Desertification

10 June 2011: The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) has identified the Acacia pilot project, which has proven successful in combating desertification, for wider roll out.

The Acacia Project has operated since 2004 and involves planting Acacia forests to combat desertification and provide socioeconomic benefits to local communities. The trees are improving soil quality, providing shelter for crops, creating fodder for livestock and producing gum Arabic to be sold on the international market. The project is being trialled in Senegal where the shock from the decline in the peanut market is being reduced through engagement in the gum Arabic sector. The pilot project has worked in 44 villages in Senegal and is underway in five other countries. FAO is seeking funding for wider implementation across the lands bordering the Sahara desert. [FAO Press Release]