FAO to Provide Training on Modeling Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture

8 March 2011: The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) will be offering training to national meteorological services, agriculture departments and other relevant institutions on performing impact assessments using the FAO-MOSAICC (Modelling System for Agricultural Impacts of Climate Change) tool.

The system and related capacity building activities will be trialled in Morocco in 2011 before being exported to other countries. The tool will help countries fill the gaps on understanding how agriculture and crop production will be affected by the impacts of climate change. The tool will examine how changing crop yields under a variety of climate change scenarios will impact national economies. This will then allow countries to develop effective adaptation strategies.

Trainings will be provided at host institutions in: statistical downscaling for climate data; hydrological modelling; crop modelling; dynamic computable general equilibrium models; and server maintenance. Optional training in statistics is also available, as well as continued assistance from the FAO team when the climate change impact studies are undertaken. The FAO-MOSAICC project is being developed under a joint programme of the FAO and European Commission on "Linking information in decision making to improve food security." [UN Press Release] [FAO-MOSAICC Site] [Climate Change Policy and Practice Story on the Launch of the FAO-MOSAICC Tool]