FAO Report Documents Impacts of Climate on Wildlife

5 December 2011: The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) published a report, titled “Wildlife in a Changing Climate," describing consequences of climate change on wildlife, as well as potential measures to adapt to climate change, including restoring and adopting landscape approaches.

Focusing on tropical terrestrial wildlife and habitats, the report notes that the biodiversity extinction crisis is likely to be made worse by climate change. The report explores issues related to: ecosystem change; species interactions; human-wildlife conflicts; wildland fires; health and diseases. As potential mitigating factors, it highlights goals related to: maintaining current ecosystems; adaptive management; restoring ecosystems; and landscape approaches.

The paper also calls for developing and communicating information on the value of species and ecosystems to humanity, describes the role of protected areas, and discusses mainstreaming biodiversity needs. [Publication: Wildlife in a Changing Climate]