FAO, IDB Support Analysis on Climate Change and Agriculture in Jamaica

idb-faoNovember 2013: Given the expected adverse impacts of climate change on Jamaica's agriculture sector and Jamaica's goal to include climate change adaptation in the implementation of its Vision 2030 National Development Plan, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) collaborated on an analysis of Jamaican climate change impacts in the short- and medium-term and an identification of agricultural adaptation strategies.

The study documents current knowledge on vulnerability, and technical and policy alternatives to adapt to climate impacts. It calls for investment in decision-making and capacity building processes. The report presents adaptation strategies including: strengthening institutional mechanisms; mainstreaming climate change into policies; strengthening data collection; investing in protection of livelihood assets; investing in water resources development, conservation and management; strengthening use of improved domestic crops; raising awareness to support adaptive capacity; strengthening links to supply chains; developing weather risk management; and strengthening research and development links.

The report underscores the need for the government to provide long-term support to the agriculture sector while addressing the vulnerability of farmers to extreme climate events, like hurricanes. It calls for strengthened domestic food production by attracting new investments to stabilize land. It suggests the need for greater livelihood diversification and a package of disaster risk management activities, including risk transfer measures like insurance. It stresses that reducing vulnerability will need more efficient agricultural systems and thus a renewed focus on the full range of the agricultural value chain.

The report describes a range of farmer-level, government-level and community-level interventions to enhance resilience and improve livelihoods. [Publication: Climate Change and Agriculture in Jamaica: Agricultural Sector Support Analysis]