FAO Director-General addresses Challenges of African Agriculture from Climate Change and Soaring Food Prices



June 2008: Speaking at the twenty-fifth African Regional Conference,

Director-General of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Jacques

Diouf, underlined the challenges of climate change and the recent rise in food

prices for African agriculture.


noting that “African agriculture still faces many constraints, being

undercapitalized, inefficient and uncompetitive,” Diouf expressed his

conviction that “with political will and good governance, Africa can change its

agriculture and succeed in feeding its population.” He further explained that

the main factors inhibiting agricultural development in Africa include lack of

access to improved seeds and fertilizers and lack of adequate irrigation. He

concluded by outlining an FAO initiative in response to soaring food prices to

support the low-income food-deficit countries by facilitating poor farmers'

access to inputs. [FAO press release] [FAO Initiative

on Soaring Food Prices]