FAO Convenes Consultation on Conservation Agriculture Carbon Offset

Field of CA soybeans in Brazil 28 October 2008: The Conservation Agriculture Carbon Offset

Consultation, jointly organized by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization

(FAO) and the Conservation Technology Information Center, opened on 28 October

2008, and will conclude on 30 October, in West Lafayette, Indiana, US.


event brings together some 100 experts to discuss the way to harness a large

new flow of funding – carbon finance – to agricultural development. The event

is convened in recognition of the fact that, although billions of dollars are

available under the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism to finance

initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, so far little of this

money has gone to agriculture, although this sector is a leading source of

emissions – contributing some 30% at global level when land-use changes and the

intensive livestock sector are included. During the consultation, four sessions

will be held on: conservation agriculture for emission reduction/carbon

sequestration: experiences from institutes, associations, programmes and

bodies; demand for carbon offset markets; remaining questions/issues regarding

conservation agriculture in global carbon offset market; and compilation and

next steps. [FAO Press

Release] [Consultation