FAO-Backed Bangladeshi Radio Assists Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock Sectors

8 June 2010: The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Bangladeshi Ministry of Agriculture have set up a radio station run by and for people living in remote parts of Bangladesh, to broadcast  information to support those working in the agriculture, fisheries and livestock sectors.

The radio station has a programme that aims to assist farmers and fishers in the South of the country, which is vulnerable to climate change and recurrent hazards, such as cyclones. The FAO-backed radio programme will help to disseminate information on the fact that, despite the impacts of climate change, Bangladesh can enhance farm production by introducing stress-tolerant seeds and modern machines.

The radio project is part of a larger initiative of the FAO, along with the World Bank and the EU, to help Bangladesh weather high food prices and bolster food security. [UN Press Release]