FAO Asia and Pacific Joins ADB Energy for All Initiative

15 May 2012: The Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Energy for All (E4All) initiative has announced that the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific has joined its Energy for All Initiative to encourage better energy access for rural communities and “energy-smart” agri-food systems.

As part of its participation in the E4All initiative, FAO is investigating potential to replicate integrated food and energy systems, facilitating the simultaneous production of food and energy through sustainable crop intensification and improved resource efficiency. FAO has also launched the Energy Smart Food for People and Climate Multi-Partner Programme Initiative, aiming to encourage action to improve energy efficiency, increase the use of renewable energy and improve access to modern and sustainable forms of energy. FAO is seeking to work with E4All partners to develop regional and national policies, strategies and pilot initiatives.

The E4All initiative is a network that aims to facilitate cooperation, exchange and project development in the area of energy, with a goal to provide access to energy to 100 million people in Asia and the Pacific region by 2015. [Energy for All Press Release]