FAO Advisory Committee Calls for Enhanced Role for Forest-based Industries

FAO24 May 2012: The Advisory Committee on Paper and Wood Products (ACPWP) of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) welcomed the proposed new FAO strategic objectives in which forestry and forest-based products play a key role.

ACPWP met for its 53rd session from 23-24 May 2012, in New Delhi, India. Participants noted the role of forestry and forest-based industries in securing livelihoods, contributing to the eradication of hunger globally, providing innovative solutions to climate change mitigation and energy security, and increasing wealth.

ACPWP recommended that the FAO: develop an analysis on the relative impacts and returns of water use in forestry; work with industry to understand what future skills and educational strategies are needed as a result of the transition to the emerging bio-economy; and adopt a new proposed advisory committee structure reflecting greater geographic balance and scope of work, and provide increased guidance to the Programme of Work and Budget of FAO. [FAO Press Release]