European Parliament Calls for Increasing the Global Alliance Against Climate Change’s Budget

16 September 2008: The European Parliament's Development Committee has adopted a report arguing that the budget proposed by the European Commission to help developing countries fight climate change is not enough, and suggesting that the Global Climate Change Alliance should receive at least 25% of the revenue of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

The Alliance proposed by the European Commission is intended to help the Least Developed Countries and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) limit the impact of global warming. Instead of the proposed €60 million budget for 2008/2010, the Development Committee is suggesting the long-term funding goal should be at least €2 billion per year by 2010 and between €5 billion and €10 billion by 2020. Furthermore, members of the European Parliament recommend that forest protection and the reduction of emissions caused by deforestation and forest degradation be a central concern of the Alliance. The report also questions the sustainability criteria of biofuels and calls on the Commission to lay stricter requirements for any claims of benefits to the climate and ecosystems, taking account of the effect of indirect changes and in soil use and any impact on the development of local communities.

In addition, the Development Committee urges financial support, technical assistance and technology transfer measures, so as to facilitate the use, at the earliest stage possible, of technologies which emit low greenhouse

gas levels and of environmentally friendly production methods. [European Parliament Press Release]