European Forest Week Discusses Role of Wood Products in Climate Change Mitigation

European Forest Week 2008 21 October 2008: A policy dialogue took place on 21 October

2008, at UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) headquarters in Rome,

Italy, on the role of wood products and forests in climate change mitigation

and greenhouse gas balances. The event was one of several taking place as part

of European Forest Week 2008, which is being held from 20-24 October 2008.

Participants heard presentations on: possible approaches to account for carbon

storage in harvested wood products (HWP), including the atmospheric flow

approach, a new method that distinguishes between harvested wood imports and

exports; and the conclusions and recommendations of the UN Economic Commission

for Europe (UNECE)/FAO workshop on HWP held in Geneva, Switzerland, in

September 2008.

In the ensuing discussion, panelists stressed that: HWP

accounting would have to involve all UNFCCC parties; domestic voluntary

accounting will be weaker, but may increase product market competitiveness in

the long term; and embodied energy of exported combustion wood products should

be reported. The event was hosted by the German von Thuenen Institute, UNECE,

FAO and the Government of Switzerland. [IISD

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Dialogue Website] [European

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