European Commission Vice-President Kroes Calls for ICT to Build Sustainable Cities at Energy and ICT Conference

EC3 May 2012: The European Commission Vice-President responsible for the Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes, addressed the Smart Energy and Sustainable Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Conference, calling for Europe to use ICT to address the “challenge of managing energy resources.”

Vice-President Kroes said ICT is positioned to help achieve energy and climate goals, especially in urban areas, which account for 70% of European energy consumption. She highlighted that ICT could deliver innovations allowing households to be energy suppliers, street lights that adjust to the presence of people, grid-integrated electrical vehicles, and environment responsive home heating systems. Kroes indicated that to realize technologies stronger cooperation and coordination across sectors including ICT, energy and transport is needed, and highlighted the Smart Cities and Communities Initiative, which aims to facilitate such partnerships. Finally she called on ICT as a sector to become more energy efficient, noting the sector currently consumes 8-10% of the EU's electricity.

The Smart Energy and Sustainable ICT Conference took place from 3-4 May 2012 in Brussels, Belgium, and it brought together experts, policy makers and stakeholders to discuss best practices on how ICT can make European cities greener. Sessions covered: smart grid technology, regulation and financing; smart services; electromobility; smart neighborhoods; integrating energy, transport and ITC for green smart cities; and integrated urban solutions. [European Commission Press Release] [Smart Energy & Sustainable ICT Conference]