European Commission Unveils Energy Roadmap 2050

EU15 December 2011: The European Commission has unveiled its Energy Roadmap 2050, which aims to cut emissions by over 80% by 2050 without disrupting energy supplies and competitiveness.

Based on an analysis of scenarios created by combining the four main decarbonisation routes in different ways (energy efficiency, renewables, nuclear, and carbon capture and storage), the roadmap describes the consequences of a carbon-free energy system and the policy framework needed, allowing Member States to make required energy choices and create a stable business climate for private investment.

The Energy Roadmap 2050 outlines that decarbonizing: is technically and economically feasible; that irrespective of the particular energy mix chosen, higher energy efficiency and important rising shares of renewables are necessary to meet the emission targets in 2050; that investment decisions for the necessary infrastructure up to 2030 must be taken now, as infrastructure built 30-40 years ago needs to be replaced; that investments made now will pave the way for the best prices in the future; and that a European approach will result in lower costs and more secure supply compared to having parallel national schemes, and a common energy market should be completed by 2014. [EU press release][Memo][The Roadmap]