European Commission Funds LIFE+ Biodiversity, Climate Projects

European Union 3 July 2013: The European Commission is providing €281.4 million in funding for projects under the LIFE+ programme. The 248 new projects address nature and biodiversity conservation, environmental policy and governance, climate change, and information and communication of environmental issues.

The projects were selected out of 1159 applications. Out of the projects selected, 82 are nature projects, designed to facilitate implementation of the Birds or Habitats Directives or support the Natura 2000 network. Ten projects address biodiversity broadly. The sum of €139.3 million will be invested in nature and biodiversity projects.

Under the thematic area of environmental policy and governance, 146 projects were selected, for an investment of €136.8 million, including €34.6 million provided to 29 climate change projects. Other issues addressed by the selected projects include water, waste and natural resources, chemicals, the urban environment, and soil and air quality.

Ten projects were selected to address information and communication, in particular raising awareness around issues such as biodiversity, climate change, resource efficiency and coastal pollution prevention. The EU will invest €5.2 million in these projects.

Decisions on this funding included an informal agreement reached on 27 June 2013 to continue funding the LIFE+ programme from 2014 through 2020, and to include sections for integrated projects, as well as for climate change mitigation and adaptation. The LIFE+ programme is the financial instrument for the environment of the EU. [EU Press Release] [Summary of New Projects Funded under LIFE+] [LIFE Programme Website]